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Getting Started/Initial Consultation Page

The Weaver Center has designed the initial meeting to be comfortable, informative, and productive for children, adolescents, adults and families.  Our overall goal is to obtain a thorough understanding of the strengths and challenges in each situation to help determine the right direction for each individual or family. 

We are passionate about knowing one's strengths and discussing those in the beginning of every meeting. Knowing anyone from their best skills and strengths is the most engaging way to discuss anything that might be challenging later on in the discussion. In this manner we strive to most comfortably understand the unique needs of students or adults wanting increased performance academically, socially, within the family or community.

The initial meeting is scheduled for 1 1/2 hours with a highly qualified and experienced Weaver Center specialist. Some parents or adults choose to use the initial meeting as a second opinion to services they have been receiving elsewhere that they might want to evaluate or improve.

Every initial consult is individualized for each client and the circumstances which they would like to improve.  An individualized follow-up Plan of Action is developed, written down for clients to think about, and any services that are being considered are thoroughly discussed.

Services at Weaver Center have been carefully developed over many years to be able to provide customized evaluations, therapy, tutoring, consultation or advocacy all under one roof.   In this way, different needs can be addressed in a comfortable, familiar and well-coordinated manner.


To learn more or to schedule your initial consultation, you can complete the form below, email us at or, call our front office at 508-358-1112, extension 210.

Contact us to get started by filling the form below or call us at 508.358.1112

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