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Dr. Michael Preston has been a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts since 1987. He has been a practicing clinical psychologist for thirty years, and a practicing neuropsychologist for nearly fifteen years.

Dr. Preston received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 1981 from the University of Iowa. Doctoral education included extensive training and experience in clinical, psychological evaluations and research. At the Fielding University, he completed an intensive Post-Doctoral Neuropsychology training program in 2004.

Dr. Preston’s thirty years of clinical psychology and neuropsychological practice includes individual treatment for children, adolescents and adults, and family therapy. He focuses on the client’s developmental functioning, emphasizing documentation and use of strengths especially for children and adolescents, to focus on practical solutions to presenting difficulties. He is very skilled in cognitive-behavioral treatment strategies and psychotherapy focused working with our clients.

Dr. Preston’s fifteen years of neuropsychology practice includes evaluations for children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of presenting difficulties. He has completed psychological and neuropsychological evaluations with his well-developed skills for assessments of cognition, memory, attention, executive functioning, school-related achievement, and psychological functioning, including projective testing, to document strengths in each area and developing a full understanding of these difficulties, and developing a comprehensive follow up plan.

Follow up planning is a very important for all clients at the Weaver Center.
Dr. Preston is passionate about working towards maximum success with all clients, which includes school advocacy, developing self-advocacy and adjustment skills, and working with all members of the client’s life to insure an increase in quality of life.

Dr. Preston has worked in a variety of clinical and school settings including the Weaver Center for five years when it was known as the Weaver Clinic. He is happy to return and once again engage in and contribute to the highest quality level of service, significant and supportive work of Weaver Center.

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