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School and Professional Advocacy

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The Weaver Center provides professional advocacy for our clients to obtain appropriate services and accommodations. Most often the advocacy services are provided following evaluations and documentation of one’s strengths (i.e., potential) and undermining challenges. We provide expert and knowledgeable guidance in regards to special education laws and regulations at school Team meetings towards the development of individual Educational Programs (IEP), Accommodation (504) Plans, Response to Intervention (RTI) and school meetings with parents, guardians, teachers and professionals.
We develop systems for accountability and strive to ensure participation of students, parents, teachers and staff to maximize success. We provide the same high-quality, on-going consultations for our adult clients within their work environments.
We also provide school support for schools as family’s request and are effective in working with schools on a short-term or longer-term basis.

For more information on IEP’s: 

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