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The Weaver Center is still providing services remotely, via Zoom, Facetime or similar technology.

Initial Consultation

  • Individual or family meeting​ to develop a comprehensive and effective plan

  • Provides initial education and information about identified challenges

  • Results include the development and discussion of written recommendations going forward

Therapy Services

  • Specialized therapy services for individuals with learning or emotional challenges

  • Education of the client and family is among the healthiest therapies​

  • Therapies are available on both short and long term basis and are well coordinated with our other services when needed


Testing & Evaluations

  • Neuropsychological Testing

  • Educational Evaluations

  • Social and Emotional Assessments

  • Speech and Language Evaluations

  • Vocational Testing


Educational & Organizational Tutoring/Coaching

  • The three most important components to successful tutoring/coaching are relationship, relevance, and rigour ​​

  • ​Specialists provide interactional services with families, school or businesses on a regular basis to ensure accountability

  • Tutors support the success of the service


School and Professional Advocacy

  • Available to all our clients, professional advocacy in schools and businesses

  • ​The Weaver Center specializes in accountable results in any meeting that we participate

  • Weaver Center advocates are experienced and knowledgeable about laws and regulations for maximum success


Self- Advocacy Method (SAM)

The Self-Advocacy Method (SAM) Program is a structured therapy program, which uses cognitive and behavioral strategies. The initial focus of the program is to collaboratively develop an organized manual documenting an individual's strengths, challenges, compensatory strategies and self-advocacy methods

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