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Testing and Evaluations


The Weaver Center provides comprehensive evaluations. The evaluations are performed by highly skilled, experienced clinicians with intense Weaver Center training. The clinicians have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field.

Weaver Center offers a variety of evaluations, including:


  • Neuropsychological

  • Psychological

  • Projective

  • Educational

  • Speech & language

  • Social/emotional assessment

  • Vocational Assessment


Clear and understandable written reports emphasize strengths while addressing challenges and provide detailed recommendations. Feedback and follow-up are built into the evaluation process to ensure the findings and recommendations are understood, useful and effective in developing a long-term action plan. 

Testing for private school admissions is provided, as well as updated testing required for accommodations.

Weaver Center is not limited by increasing insurance-mandated restrictions dictating how much time and what tests can be used, so we can provide the time to address the comprehensive needs of our clients and/or their families. As we are not restricted to limited testing in only the areas of difficulty, we comprehensively test both the areas of difficulty and even more importantly, the areas of strengths, and document how to use this information to help our clients become more comfortable, knowledgeable, successful, and effective self-advocates.
An initial consultation appointment is required prior to beginning any testing so the clinician can better understand the challenges and objectives therefore recommending the most appropriate and meaningful evaluation.  Visit our initial consultation page to learn more!

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