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Having suffered in school throughout childhood with dyslexia, attention and self-esteem problems, I have been blessed with the passion to help other children and adults to learn successfully, and develop and maintain positive confidence. My difficulties were in learning to read, write, pay attention, be organized in school, social problems of loneliness, and conduct problems at home, school, and in the community.

Throughout these troubled times my parents were my main support. They kept being optimistic that I was going to turn out okay. Even when I was asked to leave kindergarten (“we think Buck would do better at home”), suspended from eighth grade (for competing with another “bad boy” for how many detentions we could get, without serving any), and spending long hours at the police station.

My experiences and the support I received contributed to my life’s goal, which has now been attained through Weaver Center, formerly Weaver Clinic. I received psychological (therapy), medical (stimulant medication) and educational (daily individual tutoring five days a week, twelve months a year) support.



  • The Weaver Center was founded in 1985 to improve the success of children and adults with learning and attentional differences and emotional challenges.  The objectives and direction evolved from Dr. Weaver's personal experiences of living with dyslexia, attentional, learning, organization and self-esteem difficulties.  

  • Weaver Center clinicians utilize a strength-based approach across all service areas to empower and support clients in the most effective and positive way possible.  

  • Services have been carefully developed over many years to be able to offer coordinated support to our clients resulting in a more composed and succinct path to success.

Our team of licensed clinicians can provide the following services:

  • Psychotherapy for individuals (children, teens and adults), couples and families.

  • Neuropsychological, Psychological and Educational evaluations

  • Coaching and Tutoring

  • School Advocacy

  • Consultation


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PO Box 328

Natick, MA 01760  /  Tel. (508) 358-1112

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Payment for Services:


The Weaver Center is a “direct pay for services” organization. We collect fees at the time of services. We accept most credit cards, and credit/debit cards associated with medical flexible spending accounts.


Upon request, we will provide receipts documenting payment received and diagnosis if required for insurance reimbursement. It's important that you contact your insurance company to see if they accept "out of network services providers" to determine if you are eligible to receive full or partial reimbursements.  Please note that insurance companies never reimburse for educational (tutoring/coaching) services.


  • We have reduced fees for clients with documented financial need.

  • One benefit of direct pay for services is that your information remains confidential within the Weaver Center. 

  • Some clients are able to receive tax benefits for health and education services.


If you have any questions, please call Buck Weaver at 781-789-9747.

We Accept:

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